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Yava was an ambitious pupil who practiced hard penance to get the blessings of Indra, the King of Devas. He tortured his body with austerities and thus awakened the sympathy of Indra. Indra came before him and asked why he was hurting his body. Yava answered, “I wish to be a great scholar of the Vedas. It takes a long time to learn the Vedas from a teacher. I am practicing austerities to get that knowledge directly. Bless me.”

Indra smiled and said, “Son, you are on the wrong path. Find a good teacher, and learn the Vedas from him. Austerity is not the way to learn, the path is study and study alone.”

But Yava would not give up. He did austerities and penance.
One morning, he saw an old man on the bank of river Ganga, throwing handfuls of sand into the river. “Old man, what are you doing?” asked Yava. The old man replied, “I am going to build a bridge across the river so people can cross the river easily. Useful work, isn’t it? ”

Yava laughed and said, “What a fool you must be to think you can build a bridge across this mighty river with your handfuls of sand! Go home and do some other useful work”. The old man said, “Is my work more foolish than yours of learning the Vedas, not by study, but by austerities?”

Yava now knew that to be learned one must read and study.

Conclusion:  Ambition and success are a figment of every one’s imagination. Besides hard work it is important to do the correct thing. Taking the advice of experts and working with them is the best thing. Experts & Consultants are available. Businesses should choose the one’s most apt - ideas / concepts and a track record of successful implementation.


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