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Adesh Gothi Affiliate Member

Management, Sales, leadership

Bangalore -
Adesh Gothi Affiliate Member

Management, Sales, leadership

Nashik -
Sanjeet Waravadekar Affiliate Member

1. General Management Strategy 2. Organisation 3. International Trade 4. Management 5. Management Consulting Processes 6. Production & Management

Mumbai -
Rishun Gupta Affiliate Member

1. Long Term Strategy 2. Computer Software 3. Sales & Distribution 4. Customer Relationship Manaegement 5. Compuet Technology 6. Automation Strategy

Bangalore -
Arun Kulkarni Individual Member

IT Service Management, ISO Lead auditor consultant, CRM system design,Strategic improvement specialist, Profit centre head

Mumbai -
Vivek Thapliyal Individual Member

1. Digital Transformation 2. Long Term Strategy 3. Business Excellence 4. Organisation Development 5. Operations Excellence 6. Bottom & Top line improvement 7. Change Management & Org. Culture Transformation 8. Leadership Coaching & Mentor-ship

Arshleen Kaur Kalra Individual Member

Learning Design & Strategy, Project Management, Instructional Design

Dubai -
Hari Naga Prasad Individual Member

Activity Based Management, ERP, CRM, E-Commerce Digital Technologies

Madhapur -
B. Mahendra Singh Affiliate Member Hyderabad -
B. Mahendra Singh Affiliate Member

Finance, Administration, Management

Hyderabad -
Saraswathi Jois Individual Member

Product/Process Identification evaluation, Selection, Systems & MIS, Computer Software, system Audit and Security, Automotation Strategy, Project Planning and Management , Quality Management ,Business Process re-engineering, Computer Technology, Database Management , Information records management, Information Systems, Change Management, Communications, Brain Storming, Entrepreneurship, Facilitation, Innovation, Problem Solving, Review, Survey, Maintenance Management, Process Management

Mumbai -
Abhilash Puljal Individual Member

1. General Management Strategy
2. Markeitng
3. International Trade
4. Management
5. Management Consulting Processes

New Delhi -
Nitin Vatwani Individual Member

General Management Strategy , Organisation , Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Development, Operations

New Delhi -
Ankur Mahendirata Affiliate Member

Valuation Studies, Production, Planning & Control, Project Planning and Management, Forecasting & Demand studies, Customer Relationship Management, Costing / Budgeting/ Accounts, Management, Planning, Change Management

Gurgaon -
G Nagaraju Individual Member

1. Process Improvement and Operational Efficiency (Six Sigma)
2. Program and Project Management,
3. Business Analytics

Hyderabad -

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