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Member Name E-mail Membership Type Area Of Expertise City Profile
Ramaswamy V. Krishnamurti Individual Member

1. Enterprise Resource Planning
2. Project Planning and Management

Bangalore -
Lalit Mahajan Individual Member

Growth, Strategies, Marketing

Mumbai -
Chandrasekharan K. P. Affiliate Member


Kollam -
Samuel Nallaraj Individual Member

Management Consulting, Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Leadership, Operations, Techno-economic Feasibility studies,Market analysis, IT Strategy, IT Infrastructure operations

Hyderabad -

Consulting practice is focused on agribusiness and rural finance. To the extent possible an integrated approach is used as these two are inter-related and inter-woven within the rural space and important while working towards inclusive growth. Within these two sectors consulting thrust is on value chain analysis, integration and management as the sustainability of the programme or project largely depends on the viability or
sustainability of the activities to all stakeholders engaged with the value chain.Consulting service deliverables are usually reports of feasibility/assessments/business

Ahmedabad -
Kiran Itagi Individual Member

1. Product/ Process Identification evaluation, selection 2. Automation strategy 3. Project Planning and Management 4. Business process re- engineering 5. Management Consulting Process

Bangalore -
Sanjiv Anand Individual Member Mumbai -
V Ramkumar Individual Member Mumbai -
Amit Jain Individual Member Mumbai -
Amitabha Sinha Individual Member

Strategy, Organization, HRD, Change Management & Transfonnation

Mumbai -
Bharati Sharad Dole Individual Member

1.Marketing 2.Management 3.Management Consulting Process

Pune -
Paresh Master Individual Member

1. Management Policy 2. Qaulity Management 3. Systems & MIS 4. Brain Stroming 5. Innovation 6. Supply Chain Management

Bangalore -
Amit Sinha Associate Member


Pune -
Arjun Chhabra Affiliate Member

1. General Management Strategy
2. Marketing
3. Finance
4. Operations
5. International Trade
6. Management Consultation Process
7. Supply Management

Dwarka -
Vijaya Badipatla Individual Member

1. Long term Strategy
2. Management Policy
3.Marketing Strategy
4.Study & Market/Research
5. Product/Brand management
6.Sales & Distribution
7. Project Planning & management
8. Governance
9. Planning: Strategic, Business

Hyderabad -

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