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Hrishikesh Rajhansa Affiliate Member

1. Management Policy
2. Management Audit
3. Restructuring
4. Financial Restructuring
5. Acquisitions and Mergers
6. Brain Storming

Pune -
Praveena Balakrishnan Affiliate Member

* HR
* Marketing
* Small scale and Medium scale Industries

Pune -
Anil Sahebrao Wanarse Individual Member

1. Agriculture Project Consultant
2. Project Planning and Management Consulting Services
3. Food & Agribusiness Project Finance Consulting
4. Food & Agribusiness Project Subsidy Consulting
5. Food & Agribusiness Project Technical Management Consulting

Pune -
Bharati Sharad Dole Individual Member

1.Marketing 2.Management 3.Management Consulting Process

Pune -
Amit Sinha Associate Member


Pune -
Narayan Datt Joshi Affiliate Member

1. General Management
2. Finance
3. Supply Chain Management

Pune -
Sanket Deshpande Individual Member

1. Product/Process identification evaluation, selection
2. System 3. O & M Studies
3. Systems & MIS
4. Computer Software
5. Automation Strategy
6. Project Planning & management
7. Business Process Re-engineering
8. Computer Technology
9. Database Management
10. Information/records management
11. Information Systems
12. Internet
13. Procurement/Purchasing

Pune -
Ravi Kapoor Affiliate Member

1. General Management Strategy
2. Organisation
3. Finance
4. Systems
5. Management

Pune -
Vijay Laghate Individual Member

1. Long Term Strategy 2. Diversification 3. Planning & Economic studies 4. Operation 5. Production Planning 6. Techno – Economic evaluation, selection

Pune -
Girish Atre Individual Member

1. General Management strategy 2. Organisation Marketing 3. Systems 4. Management Consulting Process

Pune -
Shekhar Agharkar Individual Member

1. General Management Strategy 2. Organisation 3. Finance 4. Management 5. Management Consulting Process

Pune -
Ashish Paranjpe Individual Member

1.Organisation 2.Human Resources Development 3.Operations 4.Management 5.Management Consulting Process 6.Information Technology & System

Pune -
Pooja Bal Individual Member

1. Marketing 2. HRD 3. Management Consulting Process

Pune -
Gaurav Joshi Individual Member

Strategy Execution, Innovation Management, Change Management, Performance Management System, Business Process Management, Business Analysis, Product Management, Project Management

Pune -
SUNIL THAKUR Individual Member


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